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Meedock Digital is a marketing agency based out of Singapore and Bangalore. Meedock is an acronym for our core values of being Dependable, Open, Connected and Kind. We are a team of savvy marketers, creative writers and experienced SEO experts.

Our sole existence is to help e-commerce, startup and B2B businesses to make money and achieve their business goals.

To deliver such results, we’ve partnered with the best of tech companies for futuristic technologies, hired the best of team members to leverage these technologies and set up rock solid processes that deliver and is scalable.


It’s in our name. It’s in our DNA. MEEDOCK.


I am/We are:


We do the right thing always. Act with integrity and be dependable. 


We are open to learn, take feedback, grow and change


We are connected internally and externally, aware of change in trends &tide 


We are considerate to all beings and the society that nurtures us 

The P-P-T Advantage

Meedock is built on three strong pillars, People, Processes and Technology.

People who are Dependable, Open, Connected and Kind
Process that are well designed, tried and tested
Technology that is designed for tomorrow to give you an edge over your competitors
Digital marketing for growth

Constant exploring & optimizing, that’s how we roll


#09-509, 9B, Boon Tiong Road, Singapore – 163009

Bangalore, India

202, 1st Cross, Kaveri Road, Arekere, Bangalore – 560076

About Us

“Team Meedock has been invaluable in helping us build action plans to drive marketing performance forward. Highly recommended”

Craig Townsend

CTO, Co-founder Zo.Fo

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