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Getting junk keywords no one searches for to rank on Google is just not what we call SEO. To us, SEO is the art of bringing your site to the attention of those who are searching for it.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of understanding search intent of your prospects and ensuring that they find you when searching for a solution to their problem which you can solve.

To most, SEO is blindly building backlinks that turn out to be spammy, spinning out one article after another which make no sense whatsoever. The search engines of today employ the best in terms of staff and technology. They are paid to see through such shoddy gimmicks.

Best SEO Experts in town

At Meedock, we hire experienced SEO experts. Then they are thought to unlearn practices they may have picked up in the past which is against the best interest of our clients. Then our team is trained once again by the best in world of SEO.

Tomorrow’s Tech

Now, the SEO masters are given the best of technology from the likes of Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SEMrush and new entrant startups who are making break throughs in this industry.

Our Process


SEO Strategy

First, we put together the bigger picture resulting in a long term strategy of where your brand should be heading



Thorough audits are performed by our experts to understand where you are



Based on your SEO strategy and audit findings, optimizations are carried out to improve metrics within reach



Collaboration opportunities are sought out with others in your niche and allied niches to build your reputation



All efforts are constantly monitored for the best of results and allowing us to take immediate action if something goes wrong



All actions, plans, outcomes are reported to you via our superb client dashboard.

SEO Marketing Agency


SEO Strategy

To start with, our team gains an understanding of your business, the problems that you solve, your users and their behavior.

With this information, we put together a brilliant SEO strategy that will propel your business systematically into top positions for searches by those who are most likely to benefit from your solution.

Technical and Off Page Audits

On Page SEO Audit
On Page

Initially thorough audits are conducted on site, off page, on competitors and industry

Internal linking strategies
Internal Linking

Our softwares provide AI and ML driven content briefs on what works best for you

Search Engine Optimization

Expert writers prepare the content, optimize it using powerful Content creation tools

Search Engine Optimization
Link Building

Once the content is written, watch it rise up in ranks and draw traffic and conversion

SEO Optimization

Anybody can write content. But, to get a clear article, that engages readers and ranks #1 on Google, that takes skill.

Search Engine Optimization


We have a team of talented writers whose content engage and bring your readers back to your site for more content.

Improved SEO Optimization

Software & Technology

All content written by us are put through advanced AI/ML software that analyses and further optimizes the content for better ranking.

Outreach & Link Building

We carry out elaborate outreach campaigns that help you build links and bring visibility to your content:

  1. Prospecting is done to find the best partners to collaborate with
  2. Campaigns are set up using powerful automated outreach tools to reach out to them, measure responses
  3. Links and outcomes are measured and feedback is incorporated into future campaigns

Monitor & Tracking KPIs

tracking SERP rankings

Daily ranking checks

Once the SEO campaign has kicked off, we set up rigorous checks on keywords that matter to your business.

This is monitored by location (city, country or even zip code) to ensure you get the best of results. All conveniently accessible via our Rank Watch software that is available to you.

Key metrics

We use technology that constantly monitors changes and events on your site that alert us the moment something goes amiss.

This allows our team to jump into action at once before any damage can be done.

SEO Monitoring Dashboard
Keyword ranking and value tracking

Precise tracking

SEO is a lot about tracking and measuring what works and what doesn’t. To do this right for you, we have set up processes and frameworks that make it easy for us to track, analyze and forecast on the work we do for you.

Competitor Analysis

We use the best of tools to track what your competitors are upto. This ensures that your strategy is not trumped by them and moreover, you are always two steps ahead of them.

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Reporting Redefined

Measuring is everything in the digital marketing industry. We have put together an intuitive dashboard that allows you to see everything about your brand in one single view.

Dashboard with live data can be seen on our Marketing Studio.

Additionally, historical reports will be saved on your client portal.

digital marketing performance report
Search engine optimization

Why Choose Us?

KPI, budget, targeting

All campaigns are tracked, goals are set and measured. Learnings from campaigns are incorporated into future campaigns to get the best for you.

A/B testing

We leverage tools that make A/B testing effortless and optimize campaigns to get you the best of results

Tracking & optimization

We use the best in class reporting and tracking tools. Get regular reports on how your campaigns are faring.


We have transparent pricing and you will find us straightforward to work with. No mumbo-jumbo or running around in circles.

We partner with the best

No penny pinching cheap software that fail. You get the best of tech when working with us.

Ahrefs - Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
SEMrush for SEO
Campaign monitoring and KPI tracking

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Having difficulty getting your content to rank? We can conduct a thorough audit of your content, website, links and competitor and point you in the right direction.

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